Here we explain what is a 4-season tent is and if it's the right tent for you. The 4-season tent isn't required for every camper.

Are you planning on roughing it? No, I don’t mean renting a cabin or taking your RV with every modern amenity to a place with a lot of trees. I’m talking about sleeping out in nature with just the bare necessities. And your smartphone is not a bare necessity, so leave it at home. However, for those of you that love being outdoors and enjoy the simple life of camping, there is a good chance you might need a tent. There are countless types and manufacturers on the market today. Let me help you try to choose the best tent for your needs and requirements.


To select the proper tent for yourself, you’ll first need to consider how many people will be occupying the tent. Second, what type of weather you will be encountering at the time of your camping trip. The third thing that you need to consider is if you need the tent to be portable or not. There is a significant weight difference between and backpacking tent versus a tent that a family of four could use. Lastly, another consideration would be the shape of the tent. This issue is more about personal taste.


As I stated earlier, you'll be confronted by a huge assortment of styles, sizes, weights and colors to choose from. You don’t want to select the wrong tent. So spend some time considering when and where you plan to use the tent, whether or not you're going to need to carry it long distance, and how much room you need for both people and your gear.


The focus for this site is specifically four season tents. Essentially, the difference between regular tents and four season tents is that a four season tent has tighter woven fabric, is much heavier and a much tougher outer walls. When this tent is closed up, there isn’t much space for the elements to get in and make the inside an unpleasant environment. Plus, four season tents can protect you from extremely bad weather, such as heavy rain storms and snow storms. Even though a four season tent is mainly used to shelter you from for the cold, rain and snow, it does not mean you can’t use this tent for much milder conditions. Many four season tents are equipped with pleasant conditions in mind. You can usually find four season tents with options to unzip the outer zipper to let in a nice breeze, while still being able to endure the harshest conditions Mother Nature can throw at you.


I’m not saying to go out and buy a four season tent right this minute. It is not required if you’re using a tent in the summer. However, a four season tent can be a nice thing to have for the cooler times of the year. The key to remember is the four season tent will ensure that your camping experience will be much more improved and fun when foul weather is around. Most campers should be just fine with a 3-season tent. I doubt many of you will be making the next expedition up Mt. Everest, so you probably won’t need a four season tent. Furthermore, the 3-season tent will protect you from the rain and wind, but to combat the extreme weather, there is nothing better than a four season tent. And in this case, you’ll be happy that you do have one.


The truth is, it is important to think about what you need your tent to do and what kind of weather you will be facing before you send money on a tent that might be overkill. Four season tents is a very specialized piece of equipment, that isn’t necessary for most weekend campers and the camper that only go camping in the spring and summer. For those of you that enjoy camping all year, or go camping at higher elevations, the four season tent would be a good investment.


Here is a quick video on 4-Season Tents